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Related info concerning rotary shear

Views: 85     Author: Qingdao Kaituo-nc Equipment Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2020-11-07      Origin: https://www.jeeleng.com/


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The rotary shear is appropriate for sawing varied special-shaped non-ferrous metals, aluminum, metal alloy, copper, copper alloy, plastic, polymethyl methacrylate (acrylic), and carbon fiber, and alternative materials. Rotary shears square measure particularly appropriate for automatic metal profile rotating elements, heat sinks, audio panels, graphics cards, network cards, CPUs, magnetic disc shells, MP3 metal shells, and U disk metal shells. Rotary shear is particularly appropriate for preciseness sawing of short materials of the above-named materials. Therefore, what's the relevant info of the rotary shear? Next, let’s take a look at Related info concerning rotary shear.

This is the content list:

Introduction to rotary shear

Performance characteristics of rotary shear

Introduction to rotary shear

1. Rotary shear programmable PLC program setting, automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic sawing, automatic cycle, and recurrent work, with high cutting accuracy, low vibration, low noise, straightforward operation, high potency, and appropriate for big batches.

2. The rotary shear floating feeding system doesn't harm the surface of the work. the only feeding stroke will reach 650mm, and it will feed unendingly three times. particularly appropriate for brief material sawing.

3. the electrical corrugated rotary shear cooling circulation system makes the cutting surface of the work swish and correct, while not burrs, and improves the service life of the saw blade.

Performance characteristics of rotary shear

1. Rotary shear hidden saw blade, low noise, high safety;

2. Rotary shear foot switch mechanically ironed down and sawed;

3. The rotary shear adopts a 12mm rubber block to press the fabric, that isn't straightforward to damage;

4. the electrical rotary shear may be single-chip sawing or multi-chip sawing;

5. 800mm long feed path plate will improve cutting accuracy;

6. The electric rotary shear is mechanically crammed with oil on either side, the oil volume may be adjusted individually, the cutting surface is freed from burrs, and therefore the saw blade is additional durable;

7. The electric rotary shear is computerized and has high cutting preciseness.

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