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    We Provide The Complete Automated Solution Of The Dry-end Corrugated Production Line, Which Realizes High Production Efficiency, Cardboard Quality, Reduces Waste, Energy Consumption And Labor Costs.
    Our Products Have Obtained Ce Certification And Iso9001:2008, Assuring Product Quality. With A Strong Professional Team, We Guarantee After-sales Services Including Technical Support, Training, Maintenance, Spare Parts And Consumables, Ensuring Free-hassle Usage.

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Type of rotary shear

The purpose of rotary shear is to chop to length, cut the top, cut the tail, cut the string, cut the sample and discontinue the native defects of the rolled piece, etc. Rotary shear is one of all the vital off-line equipment in steel rolling machinery as a result of the capability of the cutting off

The cutting characteristics of rotary shear

One cutting edge of the rotary shear is placed at an angle relative to the other cutting edge. The oblique blade shearing machine can also be divided into up-cutting type, down-cutting type, and compound type according to the movement characteristics of the shearing mechanism. Let's take a look toge

Related info concerning rotary shear

The rotary shear is appropriate for sawing varied special-shaped non-ferrous metals, aluminum, metal alloy, copper, copper alloy, plastic, polymethyl methacrylate (acrylic), and carbon fiber, and alternative materials. Rotary shears square measure particularly appropriate for automatic metal profile

What are the operational considerations for the dry-end corrugator

In addition to protecting goods and facilitating storage and transport, corrugated cardboard also plays a role in beautifying and promoting goods. Corrugated cardboard is a green product, which is good for the environment and for loading and unloading, and transport. We can't live without it, so dry

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    We Provide A Complete Automation Solution For The Dry-end Corrugated Production Line To Achieve High Production Efficiency, Cardboard Quality, Reduction Of Waste, Energy Consumption And Labor Costs.​​​​​​​
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