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What equipment is available for dry-end corrugator

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Corrugated cardboard is a multi-layered bond consisting of at least one layer of corrugated core paper sandwich and one layer of cardboard. It has high mechanical strength and can withstand bumps and drops during handling. This is why it is so widely used in our lives. The performance of corrugated boards has a lot to do with the machinery used to produce them. So do you know what equipment is available for dry-end corrugators?

Here is the content list:

•corrugated machine

•cnc corrugator

•high accuracy corrugated double baker machine

•corrugated board cutting machine

corrugated machine

The corrugated machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the corrugated box production line, and the quality of the corrugated board is very much dependent on the correct use and maintenance of the corrugated machine. The corrugated machine is known as the heart of the corrugated cardboard production line.

The single-sided corrugated machine consists of a reel stand and a single-sided corrugated machine. In use, we first heat the corrugated core paper, which is then made into the required flute shape by the corrugating roller, and finally, glue (starch binder) is applied to the fluted peak and bonded to the single-sided corrugated face paper to form a single-sided corrugated board. The core paper is heated by steam, electricity, or oil.

CNC corrugator

The CNC corrugator, known as the Computerised Numerical Control corrugator, is an automated machine with a programmed control system. The control system of the CNC corrugator can logically process a program with control codes or other symbolic instructions and decode it so that the machine starts to operate.

high accuracy corrugated double baker machine

The high accuracy corrugated double baker machine is a new type of energy-saving corrugated paper dryer that requires only a small amount of electrical energy to drive the high accuracy corrugated double baker machine to obtain the required high-temperature heat. The high accuracy corrugated double baker machine has the advantages of low energy consumption, low environmental pollution, high drying quality, a wide range of applications, and high precision. The baker machine consists of four parts: the chamber, the heat pump heating system, the condensation, and humidity discharge system, and the automatic temperature and humidity control system.

corrugated board cutting machine

The corrugated board cutting machine is a machine specifically designed to cut corrugated boards precisely and quickly and is currently performing well in the field of corrugated machines. Corrugated cutting machines not only shorten the product development cycle and increase labor productivity but also improve the accuracy of product design and production, thus ensuring product quality.

The corrugated paper has been invented and used for over 100 years and has the advantages of low cost, light quality, easy processing, high strength, excellent printability, and easy storage and handling. 80% or more of corrugated paper can be recycled, and corrugated paper can be used as packaging for food or digital products, which is relatively environmentally friendly and widely used. Therefore corrugated machines have become one of the machines with great market prospects. If you need corrugated machines, you can consider our cost-effective products. Qingdao KaiTuo Co., Ltd. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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