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What are the precautions for using the up stacker

Views: 68     Author: Qingdao Kaituo-nc Equipment Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2020-11-27      Origin: https://www.jeeleng.com/


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Up stacker is the core equipment of the entire automated warehouse, which can carry goods from one place to another through manual operation, semi-automatic operation, or fully automatic operation. It consists of a frame, a horizontal walking mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a cargo platform, a fork, and an electrical control system. Up stacker cranes play a vital role in improving storage efficiency.

Here is the content list:

●What are the operating procedures for up stacker cranes?

●How to use the up stacker safely?

What are the operating procedures for up stacker cranes?

1. The boom of the up stacker must be dismantled when towing and driving, and then the booms of different lengths can be installed according to the needs of the on-site operating conditions after reaching the fixed site; 2. Before the up stacker is working, it must be determined whether the following working conditions are met: (1 ) Check the site to ensure that the up stacker has a relatively solid and level work site. If there is uneven ground, use wooden blocks or iron plates to level it; (2) Check the fastening conditions and hooks of each part of the up stacker (3) Carefully check the specified lubrication point to check whether the lubrication effect of the lubrication point is good; (4) Check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient; (5) To ensure the reliability of the slewing bearing fixing bolts, the up stacker starts to work After 150 hours, check the pre-tightening degree of the bolts, and check once every 1000 hours of work thereafter (the pre-tightening torque of the bolts is 61kgf.m); (6) Check whether the hook alarm works reliably; (7) Check the amplitude of change Whether the limit position works reliably; (8) Check the wear condition of all steel wire ropes and whether they meet the requirements for use.

How to use the up stacker safely?

The technology and performance of any equipment are not 100% perfect. The up stackers produced by our company have done their best in terms of performance and price ratio. Due to cost constraints, the equipment is still technically imperfect. To ensure the user's work safety, reliability, and due efficiency, the following instructions are specially made. Please pay special attention to users in the use and management. (1) The technical performance of the operating part of the up stacker is superior to that of the driving system. Therefore, it is suitable for mobile operation in a flat and small area. (2) When the up stacker wheel sinks and cannot start, all the outriggers can be lifted, and the outriggers can be retracted to operate and start after the pits are filled in the wheels. (3) When driving, the boom of the up stacker must be placed directly in front. Otherwise, uneven roads may cause the turntable to slip and cause major accidents. (4) Do not completely rely on the boom over-lift stopper to prevent it from tilting backward, and care should be taken not to exceed the maximum luffing angle of the boom during normal operations.

Through ten years of research, development, and innovation, Qingdao Kaituo-NC Equipment Co., Ltd possesses not just self-developed products of international standards, professional mass production capability, but the philosophy of dedication, innovation, cooperation, win-win, as well as capabilities of continuous technological advancement, research & development. Believe that our company's up stacker will not let you down.

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