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What are the characteristics of the sheet stacker

Views: 70     Author: Qingdao Kaituo-nc Equipment Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2020-11-23      Origin: https://www.jeeleng.com/


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The sheet stacker can automatically realize the stacking of battery cells, which is one of the key equipment for the automatic production of square lithium batteries; and is efficient, accurate, and automatic network monitoring of the whole process.

Here is the content list:

●What are the characteristics of the sheet stacker structure?

●What are the characteristics of the sheet stacker's performance?

●What are the characteristics of the sheet stacker in terms of safety performance?

What are the characteristics of the sheet stacker structure?

The sheet stacker is composed of a diaphragm unwinding and feeding device, a multi-station composite reclaiming and swinging manipulator, a modular lifting table device, a modular paper pressing mechanism, a flat-type special vacuum adsorption device, an electric control, and an operation panel. The sheet stacker produced by our company adopts a three-station lamination, which has high reliability and compact structure; the negative pole piece box is linear transposition; the positive pole piece box can be automatically changed. The positive pole piece box is a rotary transposition, which can automatically change the box; take the core The manipulator is installed on the positive turntable and can automatically take the core; the diaphragm adopts active film release; the stacking table adopts automatic stacking.

What are the characteristics of the sheet stacker's performance?

1) During operation, the sheet stacker adopts the left and right picking and the alternate linear stacking method in the middle, which has a compact structure and high efficiency; 2) The movement and positioning of the suction cup frame adopts a servo motor and a ball screw assembly to achieve high-speed, stable and accurate positioning; 3) Diaphragm automatic unwinding, active speed tracking, constant tension, continuous correction to ensure neat and consistent stacking and winding; 4) The mechanical arm takes and unwinds the material is stable and reliable, with automatic confirmation and memory function of whether the material is taken or not; 5) Positive electrode The film box double-station alternate operation, linear motor lifting: rotating motor conversion three-station: 6) constant pressure floating of the stacking table to ensure constant height and constant pressure of the cell stacking table: 7) programmable control of the sheet stacker centralized control of the machine, touch screen to realize man-machine dialogue, easy and fast operation; 8) The number of stacks of the sheet stacker is set through the touch screen, and the number of stacks and the number of cells produced are memorized: 9) The sheet stacker fails during operation , It can automatically alarm and indicate the location of the fault; it can be automatically repaired after the alarm is cleared; 10) Profile racks, install plexiglass doors to ensure equipment cleanliness; 11) Safety, stability, reliable control, and convenient operation.

What are the characteristics of the sheet stacker in terms of safety performance?

(1) The sheet stacker has a fully enclosed cover of alloy and glass, and safety switches can be installed on the surrounding doors. To ensure that the movement of each part is coordinated with each other, and no wrong action occurs; (3) The actions in automatic mode and manual mode are interlocked to protect; (4) When a failure occurs, it will automatically alarm and automatically suspend the sheet stacker; after clear the alarm, it can continue to work; (5) Insulation protection is carried out on the strong current part of the joints.

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