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What are the characteristics of the dry-end corrugator

Views: 70     Author: Qingdao Kaituo-nc Equipment Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2020-11-22      Origin: https://www.jeeleng.com/


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Corrugated paper is pressed into a corrugated shape during the production process and after it is made into a corrugated board it will provide cardboard elasticity, flattening strength, and affect the vertical compression strength and other properties. Corrugated paper, with a flat surface and consistent thickness, should not have paper diseases such as wrinkles, cracks, and holes, which are a great test for dry-end corrugators, otherwise, it increases the failure of the production process and affects product quality. So do you know what the characteristics of a dry-end corrugator are?


Here is the content list:

•CNC corrugator

•High accuracy corrugated double baker machine

•Corrugated paper cutting machine

CNC corrugator

The CNC corrugator has high machining accuracy and stable machining quality. CNC corrugator can be linked with multiple coordinates, so that when the product is changed, only the CNC program needs to be changed, saving production preparation time.CNC corrugator has a high degree of automation, which can reduce the labor intensity of the staff.

High accuracy corrugated double baker machine

The high accuracy corrugated double baker machine is highly energy-efficient, consuming three times more work per unit of energy, and the system will automatically stop when the set temperature is reached. The high accuracy corrugated double baker machine is fully automatic and can be controlled following the temperature and humidity requirements. The high accuracy corrugated double baker machine can be operated for long periods and can be operated at any time without any interference or influence from external factors. The high accuracy corrugated double baker machine can be operated for long periods and can be operated, anywhere, at any time, and by any person, without being affected by the climate or the surrounding environment. high accuracy corrugated double baker machine has low running costs, as the machine is energy efficient and consumes less electricity per unit of time than ordinary constant temperature machines. high accuracy corrugated double baker machine has a low operating cost. accuracy corrugated double baker machine is durable, it is light to install and at the same time has certain wear and pressure resistance, it can be adapted to both good and bad environments and is easy to install and covers a small area.

Corrugated paper cutting machine

The corrugated paper cutting machine has the following main functional features: it applies ultra-fine cutting technology for higher cutting accuracy, less jitter, smoother curves, and finer engraving. It has a perfect power-off renewal function so that the graphics can be well dovetailed when the power is off and on for the second time, saving time without the need for repeated cutting. The corrugator moves quickly and smoothly, with automatic light compensation technology to achieve the desired effect in different cutting areas, and has the leading continuous and fast curve cutting function. The dry-end corrugator has an automatic optimization sequence and can also be adjusted manually to reduce processing time and increase efficiency. The cutting start position and direction can be modified at will to suit the process, while the system dynamically adjusts the position of the lead-in line.

These are some of the characteristics of the dry-end corrugator. If you need dry-end corrugators, you can consider our cost-effective products. Qingdao KaiTuo Co., Ltd. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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