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What are the characteristics and classification of up stackers

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Up stacker refers to a special up stacker that uses forks or string rods as pick-up devices to pick up, move and stack in warehouses, workshops, etc., or pick and place unit goods from high-rise shelves. Up stacker is a kind of storage equipment.

Here is the content list:

●What are the characteristics of the up stacker?

●What are the classification methods for up stackers?

What are the characteristics of the up stacker?

1. High operating efficiency: the up stacker is special equipment for the three-dimensional warehouse. It has a high handling speed and cargo storage and retrieval speed. It can complete the warehouse operation in a short time. The maximum operating speed of the up stacker can reach 500m/min. 2. Improve the utilization rate of the warehouse: the up stacker itself is small in size and can be operated in a narrow aisle. At the same time, it is suitable for high-rise racking operations and can improve the utilization rate of the warehouse. 3. High degree of automation: the up stacker can be remotely controlled, and the operation process does not require manual intervention. The degree of automation is high and it is easy to manage. 4. Good stability: the up stacker has high reliability and good stability when working.

What are the classification methods for up stackers?

(1) According to the classification of guide rails, they can be divided into tracked up stackers and trackless up stackers. Among them, tracked stackers refer to the up stackers running along the tracks in the roadway, and the trackless up stackers are also called overhead up stackers. Forklift. The main operating equipment used in the three-dimensional warehouse is tracked roadway up stacker, trackless roadway up stacker, and ordinary forklift.

(2) According to different heights, it can be classified into low-rise type, middle-rise type, and high-rise type. Among them, the low-rise type up stacker refers to the lifting height below 5m, which is mainly used in split high-rise warehouses and simple three-dimensional warehouses. Middle-level up stacker refers to the lifting height of 5 ~ 15m, high-level up stacker refers to the lifting height of more than 15m, mainly used in integrated high-rise warehouses.

(3) According to the different driving modes, it can be classified into upper driving mode, lower driving mode, and combined driving mode of upper and lower parts.

(4) According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual, semi-automatic, and automatic up stackers. Manual and semi-automatic stackers are equipped with a driver's cab, and automatic stackers do not have a driver's cab. They are controlled by an automatic control device, which can automatically address and automatically load and unload goods.

(5) Up stackers can be divided into bridge up stackers and roadway up stackers according to different purposes. The bridge stacker refers to an up stacker that stacks goods and is guided by a suspended column; a roadway stacker refers to an up stacker where the metal structure is supported by upper and lower supports, and the crane runs along the warehouse roadway to load and take items into pieces.

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