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What are the advantages of a cut off machine

Views: 88     Author: Qingdao Kaituo-nc Equipment Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2020-11-10      Origin: https://www.jeeleng.com/


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Cut off machines have been widely promoted in various industrial sectors and have completely replaced traditional cutting machines. The main reason for this is the imposition of many advantages and benefits in the work, which are better than the traditional cutting machines. Next is the introduction to the advantages of cut off machines.

Here is the content list:

Cutting processing speed

Cutting quality, precision

Easier and more convenient operation

Higher performance and safety

Cutting processing speed

According to the actual laser field test results, the cutting speed of CNC cut off machines is more than 10 times that of traditional cutting equipment. For example, for cutting a 1mm stainless steel plate, the maximum speed of a CNC cut off machine can reach more than 30 meters per minute, which is impossible to be achieved by a traditional cutting machine.

Cutting quality, precision

Traditional flame cutting and CNC punching are contact processing, the damage to the material is very large, the quality of cutting is very low, you must go through secondary processing to make the surface flat, and the accuracy of cutting deviation is very large. The heavy duty cut off machine is a non-contact processing method, the damage to the material is almost zero. Due to the advanced accessories used in the heavy duty cut off machine, the machine is more stable in operation, the cutting accuracy is more precise, the error even reaches 0.015mm precision, and the cutting surface is flat and smooth. The processing effect of cut off machines is finer, avoiding the production and processing costs due to poor cutting accuracy, thus saving production and processing costs. The heavy duty cut off machine can improve production efficiency, promote production accuracy, achieve high quality cutting effect, the overall effect of product production will be better.

Easier and more convenient operation

Flame cutting and CNC punching machines require manual intervention to operate the machine, especially CNC punching machines, which need to design the mold before cutting. The precision cut off machine only needs to design the cutting pattern in the computer, pass it to the cut off machine table, and the machine will automatically carry out the processing, the whole process is automated without human intervention.

Higher performance and safety

Compared with traditional cutting machines, automatic cut off machine has a higher performance, plays a stronger safety in the work, and has a continuous fast and efficient working model. No special maintenance is required, allowing for substantial control of usage costs, providing strong power for continuous production during work, promoting work efficiency, and ensuring better quality work.

Cut off machines have these advantages and perform importantly in the work, breaking through the limitations of traditional cutting machines, bringing a safer, easier, and more efficient working experience, and enabling a higher standard of cutting accuracy. This is the main reason for using cut off machines and the reason why this type of cutting machine is now widely used.

As one of the cut off machine manufacturers, Qingdao Kaituo-nc Equipment Co's products are known for their high quality.

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