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How to determine the processing accuracy of the cut off machine

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The processing accuracy of the metal laser cut off machine depends on the accuracy of the metal laser cut off machine and the CNC machine, to ensure the accuracy of the CNC machine, including positioning accuracy, geometric accuracy, and repeat positioning accuracy. This is the main factor affecting the accuracy of metal laser cutting, so from what should we determine the processing accuracy of metal laser cut off machine? The next is an introduction to the accuracy of the cut off machine and the factors affecting it.

Here is the content list:

Accuracy introduction

Factors affecting accuracy

Accuracy introduction

Positioning accuracy. If it is a cut off machine, it is possible to determine the positional accuracy that can be achieved by the machine at the end of the moving axis. It is called a positioning error. Positioning errors include servo system, inspection system, water supply system, and other errors, including moving parts and geometric errors. This will directly affect the machining accuracy of the part. Based on the measured value of the positioning accuracy, the machine tool can be determined to achieve the machining accuracy of the automatically machined workpiece.

Geometric accuracy, also known as static accuracy. This is a comprehensive reflection of the geometry of the CNC machine tool automatic cut off machine after the assembly of key components. The test method is used to test and ordinary machine tools, the geometric accuracy of higher requirements.

Repeat positioning accuracy. This refers to the consistency of the same code position accuracy in the CNC cut off machine and CNC machine tools. The characteristics of the servo system, the factors of repeat positioning accuracy, stiffness and friction characteristics, under normal circumstances, the repeat positioning accuracy of the accidental error affecting the feed gap of the system is normally distributed, which will affect the consistency of the part processing, is a very important accuracy standard.

Factors affecting accuracy

Machine own factors

The cutting accuracy of the precision cut off machine is mainly affected by the spot, the smaller the spot, the smaller the slit, the higher the cutting accuracy, the size of the spot depends on the different lasers. Secondly, the hardware configuration of the machine, such as the table, motor, guide, etc., will affect the cutting accuracy. The machine tool will produce slight vibration when cutting, which affects the cutting accuracy. To reduce these factors, we use servo motor instead of traditional stepper motor and spiral drive instead of original linear guide, which reduces the influence of vibration of marble flat. Thus, greatly improving the accuracy of the laser cut off machine.

External factors

Different cutting materials have a great impact on cutting accuracy. When the material is smooth, the cutting accuracy of the heavy cut off machine tends to be higher. In addition, the thickness of the cutting material also has an impact on the accuracy, such as: cutting 1 mm material, cutting accuracy of 0.1 mm, cutting 5 mm material, the accuracy may not reach 0.1 mm.

As a laser cut off machine manufacturer, when customers have cutting needs, we will recommend the right machine configuration to customers according to their cutting needs, such as material, size, thickness, and accuracy, etc. Of course, the higher the accuracy of the cut off machine, the higher the price of the product. Therefore, when choosing a cut off machine, the higher the accuracy, the better it is to meet your cutting requirements and is the most suitable.

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