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How to choose the right slitter scorer machine

Views: 75     Author: Qingdao Kaituo-nc Equipment Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2020-09-27      Origin: https://www.jeeleng.com/


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There are different slitter scorer machines for different production requirements. If you choose an inappropriate slitter scorer machine, it will affect production efficiency and cause waste. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right slitter scorer machine. So, how do choose the right slitter scorer machine? How to buy a suitable slitter scorer machine? Below, the article will introduce how to choose the right slitter scorer machine from these two sides.

Here is the content list:

How to choose the right slitter scorer machine?

How to buy a suitable slitter scorer machine?

How to choose the right slitter scorer machine?

1. Choose a model

According to different raw materials, such as film, paper, aluminum foil, etc., determine the specifications of the raw materials, such as width, thickness, diameter, etc., select the appropriate operating speed, such as accuracy, automatic unloading device, etc., and select the appropriate cutting method, such as for round knives, slice knives, etc., pay attention to the treatment of waste edges, such as edge blowing, winding, etc. In short, it is necessary to accurately grasp the needs and adaptation of product types to play the best role.

2. The structure and configuration of the equipment

Pay attention to the stability of the whole machine. The accuracy of the equipment's raw materials, parts, shafts, and other components has a profound impact on the stability of the slitting machine.

The control method of the whole machine. Whether there is closed-loop control, whether there is system control, whether there is multi-level control, etc. are all important factors that affect good controllability. A high-speed slitting machine and precision slitting machine are the better choice.

Humanization of operation. Whether there is an automatic setting, whether there is adjustment and correction control, whether it is convenient to unload, etc. are the main factors related to the humanized operation.

The safety performance of the whole machine. Whether there is a protection device, whether it has passed the safety certification, whether there is a personnel protection plan, etc. are all key concerns.

The configuration of the device. The correction system and the material receiving method are the most critical components to improve accuracy and strengthen stability.

How to buy a suitable slitter scorer machine?

1. Observe self-needs

2. Collect product information.

3. Understand product quality, specifications, prices, uses, etc.

4. Choose the right supplier.

5. Purchase online or offline.

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