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How to choose a dry-end corrugator

Views: 74     Author: Qingdao Kaituo-nc Equipment Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2020-09-26      Origin: https://www.jeeleng.com/


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The corrugated paper has many advantages such as lightweight, good structural properties, and environmental friendliness. Its intrinsic corrugated structure resembles an arch structure, which provides shock absorption and has good mechanical properties, moisture resistance, heat dissipation, and easy handling. This is why the corrugated paper is being used more and more in everyday life. The choice of corrugated paper production is a very good industry, so how do we select dry-end corrugators?

Here is the content list:

•CNC corrugator

•Corrugated paper cutting machine

• high accuracy corrugated double baker machine 

CNC corrugator

To understand the performance and function of the CNC corrugator motor, the motor of the CNC corrugator  is very crucial, because the motor is working continuously for a long time, so if the motor is not good it will also affect the use of the CNC corrugator. If the speed is not adjustable or has a small adjustable speed range, then the CNC corrugator application range is greatly restricted. When the CNC corrugator  is working, the computer is waiting and cannot do the layout work. The other type of controller is controlled by a single board or microcontroller, which is a computer. As soon as the CNC corrugator  starts working, the computer can immediately carry out other typesetting work, especially when working for a long time, this advantage is particularly obvious. We can choose the right product for our actual needs.


Corrugated paper cutting machine

Before selecting a Corrugated paper cutting machine, we need to know enough about the performance of the Corrugated paper cutting machine, depending on which thicknesses of corrugated paper the different powers are suitable for, and then the Corrugated paper cutting machine Selecting a Corrugated paper cutting machine When selecting a dry-end corrugator manufacturer, we need to have a preliminary understanding of the size of the dry-end corrugator manufacturer's production base and delivery cases. If you choose a competent manufacturer with a certain scale, the subsequent maintenance and care of the equipment will be more secure. How to choose the right corrugated paper cutting machine in a short time, you can first let the manufacturer, provide samples. Satisfied before making a purchase. Understand the manufacturer's after-sales guarantee system. The best manufacturers have a set of dry-end corrugator after-sales guarantee systems to protect the interests of customers. You can find out more about this before you buy it. For example, Qingdao KaiTuo Co., Ltd. is a strong manufacturer.

 high accuracy corrugated double baker machine 

When selecting a high accuracy corrugated double baker machine we first look at the power, if the power is too low the baking speed is slow and if the power is too high it is power-hungry. Secondly, look at the high accuracy corrugated double baker machine to see if it has power failure protection. The safety of the electricity seems to be very important, so give priority to machines with power failure protection. Look at the material of the bracket, the more cost-effective or aluminum alloy, because the iron will rust after a year or two. Look at the high accuracy corrugated double baker machine to see if it has a super quiet intelligent fan. Super quiet intelligent fan, large air supply, no heat, high efficiency, and long service life, is our priority choice.

These are the ways to select dry-end corrugator, I hope they will help you. If you need dry-end corrugators, you can consider our cost-effective products. Qingdao KaiTuo Co., Ltd. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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