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How many cutting methods does the slitter scorer machine have?

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Slitting is the main function of the slitter scorer machine, and different slitting functions have different characteristics and functions. So, how many cutting methods does the slitter scorer machine have? What are the characteristics of different slitting methods? Below, the article will introduce how many cutting methods slitter scorer machines have from these three aspects.

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How many methods does the slitting machine have?

What are the characteristics of different slitter scorer machines?

How many slitting methods does the slitting machine have?

The slitting machine can be roughly divided into three methods in the slitting process: flat knife slitting, round knife slitting, and extrusion slitting.

Flat knife slitting: Just like a razor, the single-sided blade or double-sided blade is fixed on a fixed knife holder, and the knife is dropped during the material movement so that the knife cuts the material longitudinally to achieve the purpose of slitting.

There are two ways of razor slitting: one is grooving slitting; the other is hanging slitting.

Grooving and slitting mean that when the material is running on the grooved roller, the cutting knife is dropped in the groove of the grooved roller to cut the material longitudinally. At this time, the material has a certain wrap angle on the grooved roller, which is not easy to drift. When slitting the cast PP film or the film with narrow side material, this slitting method is often used to improve the slitting efficiency.

Suspended slitting means that when the material passes between two rollers, the razor falls to cut the material longitudinally. At this time, the material is in a relatively unstable state. This slitting method is convenient for knife settings and easy to operate. Flat cutter is mainly suitable for slitting thin plastic films and composite films.

What are the characteristics of different slitting methods?

Round knife slitting: Round knife slitting can be divided into tangent slitting and non-tangential slitting.

Tangent cutting means that the material is cut in the tangential direction of the upper and lower disc cutters. This kind of slitting is more convenient for knife sets. The upper disc knife and the lower disc knife can easily directly adjust the position according to the cutting width requirements.

Non-tangential slitting means that the material and the lower disc knife have a certain wrap angle, and the lower disc knife falls to cut the material. This cutting method can make the material less prone to drift, and the cutting precision is high. Circular knife slitting is suitable for slitting thicker composite films and papers.

Extrusion slitting: Extrusion slitting is not common in domestic slitting machines. It is mainly composed of a bottom roller that is synchronized with the material speed and has a certain wrap angle with the material and a pneumatic knife that is easy to adjust. This slitting method can slit relatively thin plastic films, as well as relatively thick paper, non-woven fabrics, etc. It is a more convenient way of slitting. It is a development direction of the slitting method of slitting machine.

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