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How do I maintain my dry-end corrugator

Views: 69     Author: Qingdao Kaituo-nc Equipment Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2020-09-20      Origin: https://www.jeeleng.com/


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Corrugated paper is characterized by the use of shape to increase the load-bearing capacity. It reduces the width to increase the thickness, so the corrugated paper has a much higher bearing capacity and also saves material. Corrugated paper is widely used and is readily available for purchase everywhere in life. The popularity of corrugated paper and the dry-end corrugator are inseparable. This shows that the market for dry-end corrugators is very promising. So do you know how to take care of a dry-end corrugator ?

Here is the content list:

•CNC corrugator

•Corrugated paper cutting machine

CNC corrugator

The CNC corrugator should run continuously for less than 10 hours a day. Ensure that the CNC corrugator cooling water is clean and the water pump is working properly, never make the water spindle motor run out of water and replace the cooling water regularly to prevent the water temperature from getting too high. In winter, if the working temperature is too low, the water inside the tank can be replaced with antifreeze. Every time the CNC corrugator is finished, pay attention to clean up, staff must clean the platform and the dust on the transmission system, regular lubrication, and oiling of the transmission system. CNC corrugator part of the structure should be flushed with petrol first to clean, and then add oil, otherwise, it will cause the mechanical transmission part of the resistance to be too large and lead to machine misalignment. When maintaining the CNC corrugator's electrical appliances, the power supply must be cut off and the main circuit power indicator must be extinguished when the monitor is not displayed.

Corrugated paper cutting machine

Every working day we have to clean the machine and the rails to keep the bed clean, turn off the air supply and the power supply at the end of the working day and empty the machine of any remaining air in the pipe belt. If you are away from the machine for a long time, switch off the power supply to prevent unskilled personnel from operating it. In the use of dry-end corrugators, observe the presence of lubricants on the horizontal and vertical rails and rack surfaces to keep them well lubricated. The staff should regularly clean the dry-end corrugators, clean the horizontal and vertical rails and the rack and pinion, and fill them with lubricant. Check the dry-end corrugators cutters' horizontal and longitudinal rail wipers are working properly, if not replace them in time. If dry-end corrugators have automatic height adjustment devices, check whether they are sensitive and whether the probe should be replaced. Regularly check whether the ion nozzles and electrodes of dry-end corrugators are damaged and whether they need to be replaced.

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