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Automatic NC Cut-Off machine with spiral knife



◆Frame-structure, Module-design, precision machining, precision assembly,ensures long-term stable performance.
◆Alloyed steel seamless tube, spiral-knife shaft with precision needle bearings, precision machining, dynamic balancing, ensures high rigidity, low inertia.
◆Alloyed steel precision spiral-gear, Alloyed steel saw-teeth spiral-knife cutoff, ensures stable, neat, accurate cut.
◆Permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor compatible with AC servo controller, ensures high efficiency, accurate cut.
◆Single servo-motor type is for 200mpm and 250mpm speed Cutoff, and Twin servo-motor type is for 300mpm speed Cutoff.
◆Twin-row motorized feed-in press rollers, AC servo motor & controller ensures stable conveying.
◆Motorized feed-out conveyor belts, Twin-row press wheels, AC servo motor & controller ensures stable conveying.
◆Auto order change, Auto order insert,Auto cut order change waste.
◆Optional waste discharger, auto discharge the order change waste.
◆Optional cut-to-mark system, accurate color-mark tracking cut for preprinted board.
◆Standard spray lubrication system, ensures effective lubrication & heat on gears & bearings.
◆Standard energy storage capacitors, reactance, ensures stable operation and power saving.
◆Individual sealed electrical cabinet, equipped with Industrial air-conditioner,Dust-free, constant temperature and humidity ensures longer life-span of electrical components.
◆Standard 10”touch-screen monitor, easy to operate.
◆Standard communication interface, easy to link with Management system.
◆Designed and manufactured according to CE standards.

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